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Let’s be honest and face facts. You have been sending out the same resume  for the last 6 months, Yet you have not got a telephone interview invite ! how much more an actual zoom or physical interview! This is clearly not working at all!! Continuing as you are every day with no strategy to guide you , will not help you to get those interview invites you have been hoping to get.

So how about we do things differently?

Let me ask you – Are You ……..

  • Overwhelmed each time you need to update your CV and send your cover letter for a job advert ?
  • Feeling frustrated and tired that you’re getting ghosted by recruiters and HR Managers?
  • Sending out your CV and Cover Letter but getting no reply not even an telephone interview.
  • Are you worried that you are not getting called back for interviews?
  • Have you been actively searching for a job for more than 6 months now and so far nothing to show for it?
  • Tired of paying money to others to help you write your CV and Cover Letter?
  • Are you a performing employee ad very capable of doing a good job if given a chance but you just CANNOT SEEM TO SELL YOURSELF ON PAPER AND GET AN INTERVIEW?
  • Are you interested in knowing how to create a perfect CV and Cover Letter that will get you an interview invite?

If your answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place. I completely understand how you feel and I know where you’re coming from.  In my close to 14 years of Human Resources and Recruitment experience I have seen and reviewed thousands of CVs and I have met hundreds of professionals like you before, I know why they don’t seem to be able to get job offers.  I want to help you get a job now in as short time as possible!! which is why I put together this simple CV and Cover Letter Template that will help you create your own Impact CV to get you your next job quickly.  

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