Your CV Is The Reason…you are not getting any interviews

Your CV Is The Reason…you are not getting any interviews


While a good resume may not guarantee you’ll get the job, but a bad resume can definitely ensure that you won’t get the job.

Are you suspecting your CV might be the reason you are not getting any interview invite? Let’s do a quick scan of your CV right now and see if it is guilty of some of the following:

  • Your CV is too-long (4 pages and counting)
  • Your CV is not clear on what your achievements are on your past and current roles.
  • Your CV has boring bullet points, and too much text.
  • Your CV has horrible formatting not easy on the eye at all.

Should I stop there? Or do I continue……If your CV is guilty as charges do not lose hope we can salvage it.

It’s very difficult to overstate the negative effects of a terrible CV. According to experts, the closest thing to compare the job application process to is a competition (more like a warfare) — and your CV is the first weapon in your arsenal that can help you fight your way to the top of the list.

The worse your resume is, the farther down that list you fall, If you want to make it to the first shortlist that even gets a phone call interview call, your CV. Has to generally be in the top 5 – 10% of CVs submitted for the. So you are right the competition is very very stiff, even worse because there is no way to see the qualities of the other CVs you are being measured against, the only thing to do is to put your best CV forward at all times. A bad CV will ensure you don’t even make the first cut. There are several easy, quick and reliable improvements that can be done to revive the most uninspiring CVs.

So What Makes a CV “Good”?

Clearly a bad CV is a definite no no…. But what makes a CV “good”?

A good CV is all about clearly selling yourself and communicating to the recruiter that you’re the ideal candidate  (basically the best thing since sliced bread),

A good CV must clearly and concisely (no long story) show your value to potential employers. This means that the CV must be easy to read, gives concrete examples of things you have done in the past, while clearly answering the question on the mind of the recruiter –  is this the best fit candidate for the role?

The sentence above is very key – your CV should not say you need a job , your CV must make the recruiter feel like they need you and they need to have you now! the focus here is on what the company is looking for, not on what you as the candidate is looking for.

Think about it this way – When you think about product or service advertising or marketing campaigns, as a consumer you really don’t want to see an advert that says, ‘You should buy our product because we need to increase our revenue for the year.’ No, no, no , as a consumer, what you want to know is how does this product benefit you.

This is exactly how it works when trying to hire for a job role. Recruiters are just like product consumers, they only really care about how and why hiring you as an employee would benefit them, their team and their business.

Review your CV right now using the list above to see if your CV makes the cut or not.




Olutoyin Williams


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